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Trish Roberts

Hi! I’m Trish. I’m a Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Soul-Healing Retreat Leader, and Bestselling Author of 12 Steps to Mind-Blowing Happiness. I am the Founder and CEO of the Mind-Blowing Happiness coaching company and the Black Vegan Life™ event brand.

I help individuals and organizations operate authentically, align with their values, and reach their full potential through coaching, workshops, and keynotes based on my proprietary Mind-Blowing Happiness™️ system.

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Sonia Perron

At a young age, I realized that I had power over my attitude, my choices, my decisions and my actions and that I had no control over life, events and others, it was bigger than me. By exercising my power, I allowed myself to create an environment that facilitated my daily life.

I help entrepreneurs grow and evolve their businesses quickly while putting people first. A successful human enterprise ensures a balance in the life of the entrepreneur and his employees.

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Jerry M Schreibstein MD FACS

I have almost 30 years of experience in clinical practice managing a single specialty practice, developing an ambulatory surgery center and serving as an expert on a wide range of topics for the pharmaceutical, medical device and finance industries. I have a passion for reducing physician burnout and improving the personal financial competency of physicians. I recently obtained my Wealth Management Certified Professional designation.

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James Gaumond

Thirty years of achieving significant results for organizations, clients, and stakeholders. Consistently exceed expectations. Strategic thinker and innovative implementer, called upon by for-profit and nonprofit leadership, executive staff, and professional athletes for developing and implementing organizational strategic plans resulting in streamlined, efficient operational approaches, consistently reducing company costs while increasing annual profits.

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Gary MacDermid

Gary MacDermid is a highly sought-after Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, Professional Engineer, and Retired Naval Officer whose success came from humble beginnings. You can watch his own episode titled “Set Your Goals, or Someone Else Will” in Season 3 of the Amazon Prime Video TV series Speak Up.

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Phyllis Ayman

Phyllis Ayman is the Ambassador for Conscious Aging Life Management. As a Life Enhancing Coach, she guides people to develop their Wellness Action Plan so they can continue to live as healthfully and gracefully as they possible can. Her proprietary coaching program is based on IMpathy®, a word she trademarked, focusing on the key lifestyle areas that have been identified by the field of Lifestyle Medicine. Ayman is passionate about helping people achieve their highest level of wellbeing.

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Nellie Solarz

Nellie Stolarz is an innovative and compassionate healthcare professional with over thirty years of experience.
As a corporate trainer and company president, she’s delivered workshops, seminars and courses for all levels from C-Suite executives to front- line staff. She is passionate about improving quality of life through development of person-centered programs and is a much sought after trainer throughout the United States.

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Michael Glaspie

While serving as a Special Forces Green Beret, Mike got his start in real estate investing. This was where his love for finance and business found its perfect match. Not only has he co-founded a team of over 100 agents, but he has also owned and managed over 130 rental units and served as the CFO of a private equity firm for two years. With almost 8 years of commercial real estate experience as a broker, lender and a certified CCIM Instructor, he now operates as a Fractional CFO to real estate investors sharing his insights and strategies for business success with investors across the country.

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Brian Case

As a true fiduciary, Brian is able to act as a “personal CFO” – quarterbacking resources like accountants, attorneys and agents – so his clients can focus on their priorities. In 2017, he merged his company with Elevage Partners to continue providing clients with unbiased advice with the advantages of being part of a larger firm.

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Kedma Ough

Kedma Ough, dubbed the Small Business Superhero, is an SBA champion, and nationally recognized small business funding expert. Her best selling book, Target Funding, provides a funding roadmap to help hard working entrepreneurs find necessary capital. To date, she has helped more than 10,000 businesses access $100M in funds and resources.

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