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I’m Sonia Perron,
and I elevate people wellness to level-up companies’ success

As an Entrepreneur and Marketer, Alesha demystifies marketing to amplify brands.

About Sonia

Mindset         Process Development

Sonia Perron is the Visionary and Founder of SPCTE Inc.

The source and the Care Cure : 

SPCTE Team has the type of business doctors that knows how to take care and elevate the heart of the business : their People.

We bring solutions that last over time because we treat the dysfunctions at the source of the problem and not only at the symptoms level therefore, creating a strong Culture.

Performance comes from well-being. You know your business, we know your people and how to get them at their best self.

The team revitalizes companies and brings them results as:

  • People fulfillment
  • Fluidity of operations
  • Growth control

Our proven process

  1. Diagnosis : You are unique!
  2. Planification: Simple & concrete action plan!
  3. Accompaniment : Our goal is to equip you with the best tools
Different power tools are used, such as :
  • Conation(instinct to act) evaluation with Kolbe index, a smart tool to identify people at their full potential to increase business productivity;
  • Coaching and training – Visionary, Conqueror, Leadership 4.0, How to Attract the right employees, or on demand.
  • AVT Transformation, real-time training and powerfull tool in change management;
  • And more! We personalize the approach with the needs of each business, you are unique!

Wellness in the workplace = Results on the dashboards

Sonia Perron
At a young age, I realized that I had power over my attitude, my choices, my decisions and my actions and that I had no control over life, events and others, it was bigger than me. By exercising my power, I allowed myself to create an environment that facilitated my daily life. Being on my X at all times and effortlessly. The work environment has been a rewarding experience. I started my career as a manager at the age of 18. I then took an “off the beaten path” where my creativity, sensitivity, intensity and passion for people made me discover the pleasure of helping entrepreneurs and their employees.

At the beginning of my career, my biggest question was: Why, depending on the company I join, can I either be a “star”, deliver without being motivated or be unable to achieve anything? Yet, I was the same person… And this situation was experienced by many workers I was in contact with.

My quest for answers allowed me to write my first book in French, Défi d’entreprise: croître en équilibre (Business Challenge: Balancing Business Growth), and to go from employee to consultant to entrepreneur.

I founded SPCTE to help entrepreneurs grow and evolve their businesses quickly while putting people first. A successful human enterprise ensures a balance in the life of the entrepreneur and his employees.


Years helping entrepreneurs with their challenges and supporting greater successes


Certifications – Kolbe, PROSCI, Quebec Certified Trainer, Control Goods Program of Canada, EOS Fractional Integrator Alliance


Projects supported many owners and companies, from SMEs to large international companies


 Continents operated in various countries around the world in America, Asia and Europe

Sonia's Program

Training for Success

Real Client Experiences

I never had a contributor like Sonia, who delivered so much value in such a short period of time, Richard


I was impressed how quickly Sonia was able to understand our needs and deliver impactful results, Melanie


I followed the program and I couldn’t have imagined such quick results, Karen


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