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Elite Finance

Stop Struggling with your Business Finances! Create a Plan to Stabilize Your Spending and Maximize Your Profits.

Designed for:  CEO's & Business Owners
The ultimate solution for getting financial clarity and structure in your business! Did you know that the success of your company is directly linked to how you manage your finances? Most business owners and coaches focus on generating more revenue. The idea of more sales “will cure all” is not a complete thought.
When we focus on the full financial picture we quickly begin to identify not only how much we make, but also what we spend, and arguably most important is how much we keep. This type of clarity is the foundation to catapult your business to the next level. Whether you making 6 figures trying to break into 7, or 7 figures trying to break into 8, we can help you get there. Take action today and transform your company into a more secure and profitable one.
3 Months
Time Commitment ​
3-4 hours/week
Company Finance Structure, Systems, Management, Efficiency, and Profitability
Coaching and Training
Gain Clarity

Gain clarity in your finances and understand how every dollar is performing.

Create Structure

Create a structure that will support company growth and efficiency.

7 Levels of Strategy

Implement the 7 levels of financial strategy to bulletproof your business.

Maximize Efficiency

Learn how to maximize your efficiency throughout the lifetime of your business.

Program Overview

Assessment, recommendations and action plan

Phase 1 – 3-6 Weeks

  • Company Introduction
  • Identify Goals for the Company and Leadership Team
  • Provide Access to Financials
  • Create Customized CFO Dashboard   
  • Financial Statement Interpretation for leadership team         
  • Review and Refine Company Budget
  • Identify Gaps in Tools, Resources, and auxiliary services
  • Introduction of CFO to full Financial Team (Bookkeepers, CPA’s, etc)
  • Identify areas for improvement based on Company Goals
  • Identify and refine Money Management System


Phase 2 – 6 to 12 months

  • Implement refined company budget
  • Implementation of financial management system
  • Identify bottlenecks in operations 
  • Create Projects focused on bottlenecks adjustments  
  • Adjustment of Budget per Quarter    
  • Provide Monthly Financial Statement Reviews
  • Provide Quarterly Financial Report     
  • Refine Money Management System


Phase 3- 4 Weeks

  • Facilitate transfer of systems to Company’s CFO/Controller   
  • Knowledge transferred            
  • Sustainable Finance structure created  

This Program Includes:


Tools for budgeting, marketing return analysis, Company Financial Dashboard.


Customized financial strategy planning


Included Basecamp account and private Slack channel. 

In this program, you are going to learn to create and maintain a strong financial structure which will provide  efficiency in your operations, control of your company’s profitability and a remove uncertainty of future performance.


You will have the skills required to evaluate your financials, make rapid informed financial decisions , make hiring and firing decisions have supporting financial data, etc.

What You Will Gain

Real Client Experiences

Meet Your Coach

While serving as a Special Forces Green Beret, Mike got his start in real estate investing. This was where his love for finance and business found its perfect match. Not only has he co-founded a team of over 100 agents, but he has also owned and managed over 130 rental units and served as the CFO of a private equity firm for two years. With almost 8 years of commercial real estate experience as a broker, lender and a certified CCIM Instructor, he now operates as a Fractional CFO to real estate investors sharing his insights and strategies for business success with investors across the country.”

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