The Culture Cure

The key for success is: People! Leverage your culture to reach top performance  as a human successful company

Designed for:  Business Executive Teams managing 10+ employees

Introducing the Culture Cure – the ultimate solution for revitalizing your business! Did you know that the success of your company is directly linked to the culture you foster? At the heart of your company’s culture is the leadership’s actions and decision-making structure, which impacts the way each team member operates and approaches problem-solving.

Each team member brings their unique perspective and problem-solving skills to the table, which goes beyond their job description. When your company culture is thriving, everyone is communicating and working together in alignment with their natural way of thinking, resulting in effortless growth and achievement.
This type of focused and collaborative culture not only leads to a substantial ROI from a productivity standpoint, but also creates a sense of personal fulfillment for each team member. Don’t let a lackluster culture hold your business back any longer. Try the Culture Cure today and transform your company into a thriving and fulfilling workplace!

6 months
Time Commitment ​
3-4 (hours per week)
Leadership, employee retention, team performance and company culture
Coaching and Training
Define Your Culture

Learn how to operationalize your values to create a strong culture

Create a Process

Create a management process to prevent source of non performance and chaos

Build Your Dream Team

Use the 3 parts of the mind to identify talents effectively, optimize team productivity and grow your business with the right people in each position

Optimize Performance

Develop key skills to achieve your goals with less time and effort

Program Overview

Phase 1: Assessment, recommendations and action plan

 3 to 6 weeks

  • Kolbe test and interpretation free* for owner
  • Deep dive with the owner – define objectives
  • Kolbe test and interpretation for Leadership team members (up to 4)
  • Attend leadership meeting – observation
    Speak to each of the leadership for one hour and interview
  • Where applicable bring to other members of the team
    Analysis of the actual situation
  • Create report – recommendations and action plan Will include Kolbe, Ninety & trainings
  • Present report to owner and discuss next steps

Phase 2: Implementation

6 to 12 months

  • Present action plan to Leadership team
  • Implementation of business management software Ninety
  • Implementation of Kolbe system
  • Create projects and assign owners (EOS rocks)
  • Project management – follow-up
  • Ensure sub tasks are created for each project
  • Follow up ( task achievement – remove road blocks)
  • Develop Leadership skills (put link to the list)
  • Develop employees skills (put link to list)

Phase 3: Validation

4 weeks

  • Objectives reached
  • Knowledge transferred
  • Sustainability structure created

This Program Includes:

6 Month

subscription to AVTransformation for 1 Leader


Basecamp Account


Leadership Development


Kolbe index A, A:A comparison reports, team reports, interpretation and workshop with certified consultant

In this program, you are going to learn to create and maintain a strong culture to have fluidity in your operations, control of your company’s evolution and a place for the fulfillment of your people. You will have the leadership skills required for the company to evolve by adapting rapidly to the ever changing market, will create your own decision process to keep your culture strong and avoid chaos, will hire the right people for each position to optimize your performance at all time, etc.

What You Will Gain

Real Client Experiences

Alesha Peluso

Meet Your Coach

Alesha Peluso is the CEO of Three Summers Creative and an avid marketer.
Alesha unravels business challenges by presenting complete marketing solutions that work. Her practical and clear approach to marketing has lead her clients to millions of dollars in annual revenue growth. Her success is attributed to upholding three guiding principals of every marketing strategy: Creativity, Competitiveness, and Clarity. 

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