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The Top Five Things That Hold Authors Back

In this article, best selling writer Gary Krebs uncovers the top five excuses for not starting your book... and why you should forget them!
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Everyone, it seems, has an idea for a book and says something along the lines of “Someday, I’ll write it.” When do you think that “someday” happens? Usually, never.

What holds people back from completing a manuscript? There are many things, but here are my top five:

1. I don’t have time. I’m too busy. Work. Kids. Chores. Blah-blah-blah.

Nonsense! If it’s important enough, you make time. If you are a morning person, write for an hour before going to work or taking your kids to school. If you are a night owl, try writing for an hour instead of binge-watching a TV show. For me, the most productive time to write is when I am traveling by train, bus, or airplane, as you usually remain in your seat and need something to do and keep your mind occupied.

2. I don’t know how to write.

This may be shocking to hear, but many bestselling authors can’t even write a coherent Tweet. They hire ghostwriters—whom I refer to as collaborators—to help put their voices on the page. Either I’ll collaborate with you or I’ll find someone who is equally as good!

3. No one will publish it.

You may not have an audience that is big enough to impress a commercial (trade) publisher, but you can self-publish. It’s relatively inexpensive and lightning-fast, given today’s technology. There is also no longer a stigma associated with self-publishing (which in the past was known as vanity publishing). You can try to do it all by yourself, but I would not advise it. Unless you are an airline pilot, do you think you could fly a plane with a how-to manual and auto-pilot? Not a chance! While no one dies in publishing, you can still cause a disaster, if you poorly self-publish. There is no turning back from the embarrassment. Instead, you can hire what is known as a book packager, such as myself, to produce an ebook and print edition. I bring in the best team you can find to write, edit, proofread, design, layout, and upload your book. In the end, you will have a professional book you can be proud of!

4. No one will buy it.

True, there are a lot of books out there—both traditional and self-published. If you have realistic expectations about bookselling, you stand your best chance of meeting your goals. I can help coach you on ways to ensure your book is best positioned in the marketplace to be discovered, reviewed, and appreciated. Whether you want to publish your book for catharsis (share your emotional story); to inform, instruct, or entertain; to have a calling card for speaking engagements or your business; or serve as a legacy to leave behind, your book has a chance to find its target audience.

5. What will people think?

Who cares?! People will say what they say. It’s doubtful that friends, family, and colleagues will judge or criticize you but, if they do, it could be as a result of some form of jealousy. Or, maybe they aren’t the target audience and don’t “get it.” Even and Goodreads reviewers can be harsh, which probably means they have some other axe to grind.

My final piece of advice: Never ever listen to anyone who discourages you from writing your book (or hiring someone else to do it). What do they know? Nothing. Only you know what amazing content you have to share with the world. If you let anyone—including negative voices in your head—stop you, you are self-harming and will never make your publishing dream come true.

Start writing now—or contact me!

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