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Public Speaking

Raising Capital Presentation and Communication

A complete communication coaching program designed to install powerful persuasion habits to enhance our influence, raise capital, and improve your overall impact. Become A Confident, Persuasive, And Effective Communicator In Eight Weeks.

Designed for: Entrepreneurs, SoloPreneurs, Executives, Experts

Learn the art of effective communication, whether online or offline, to a large group or an individual. This unique coaching program has been designed by Robbie Law, an experienced public speaker. Robbie has presented at over 7,000 live events over 20 years. His program will improve your most used skill… Communication. This course will enhance your presenting skills and understanding of the persuasion process. You will use these new communication techniques to advance your career, raise capital, inspire your team, and improve your overall impact.

We will help you clarify your goals and create a specific “Training routine” to achieve those targets. While at the same time, you’ll be learning tangible tools, mind control tactics, NLP, and effective habits to improve your impact and overall influence on others.

8 weeks
Time Commitment ​
3-4 hours/week
Sales, Public Speaking, Influence
1 on 1 Coaching
Communicate Effectively

Be confident, be bold, Build your POSTUR, through improved communication skills.

Organize your impact

Learn the 5 Key Principles to becoming a Master Persuader.

Create Your Message

Build your next “Pitch” using our simple 3 step formula.

Deliver Value and Raise Funds

Expand your voice, and deploy your message to the masses.

Program Overview

Chapter One

Session One

Dig deep into your purpose and goals to design a winning game-plan for your life. Equip yourself with a clear vision of how and where to utilize your story. Start listing your strengths and weaknesses for self-audit by our unique questionnaire.

Chapter Two


Session Two

Expand your audience, by understanding them better. Learn the skills used by influencers to create meaningful connections faster, and more efficiently by understanding the 4 Modes of Human Behavior.

Chapter Three


Session Three

Align and organize your message to fit your audiences needs. Learn the key elements to presenting information in a way where others will hear and accept it easier. Learn how all levels and players get clear about the organization’s purpose and make decisions in accordance with it. 

Chapter Four


Session Seven

Increase sales, raise capital, and build your influence by formulating your personal, product, and company story. Define your impact in meaningful, easy-to-communicate value propositions. Determine what will resonate most with your audience.

Chapter Five


Session Four

Learn how to improve the 2 key areas of effective communication. Learn the methods, and presentation skills you need to maximize your life. The company’s resources, strategies, management systems and communications illuminate the purpose so brightly that it is unmistakable.

Chapter Six


Session Five

Get a crash course in building credibility quickly. Create a strategy and build your credibility plan. Investors and customers will feel safe working with you as you learn to quickly apply 2 numbers and a result to efficiently “Earn the Right” in any situation.

Chapter Seven


Session Six

Learn how elite communicators use POSTURE and FRAMING as a tool to create desire, install ideas, and drive emotions. Learn this simple 4 step framing outline used to position your products and services, as a solution to others.

Chapter Eight


Session Eight

How to ask the right questions to help clients and investors chose you as a solution. Learn question types, patterns, and the most powerful sales question on the planet. It’s an offline learning module designed to practice the real exercises endorsed by thousands of clients.

Chapter Nine

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Organizing your 3 step outline

Organize and prepare for your next pitch, and every “pitch” from this point forward with this simple Outline. The three-step writing process entails planning, writing, and completing a message so it has a clear purpose, will reach the receiver effectively and meet their needs.

This Program Includes:

8 Weeks

of Group Coaching Sessions

2 Individual

Coaching sessions with Robbie (60-:90 minutes)


Plan Workbook


Performance Habit Tracker


based Presenting design worksheet


Pitch Outline
This program is designed to transform your relationship with communication. You will have the opportunity to author, hone and master advanced communication techniques. The same techniques that we have used to raise millions of dollars and persuade entire audiences to change their lives. You will understand how the brain works, processes language, and navigates decision making. Which will allow you to not only KNOW how to change your mind, but you will have the power to change the minds of others.

What You Will Gain

Meet Your Coaches

Michael Peluso

Michael Peluso

Michael Peluso is a lifetime entrepreneur and Health Practitioner. He is founder of True Living and owner of Joinocity, a marketing and sales technology platform.

Robbie Law

Over the past 20 years, Robbie Law has spent his career focusing on Communication, Sales Training, Sales Messaging, Team Building, Management, Leadership, Coaching and Public Speaking.

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Most frequent questions and answers
Anyone seeking to raise capital, expand their business, or increase their impact
Expert, Story, and Sales Speakers
Beginner – Mastery level communicators
Build your Pitch.
Tell your story and spread your message.
Instruct others on how to work with you
Create your impact
Grow your professional career through better communication
Enhance your business through key communication tactics
Remove the blindspots in your message
No. To get access to the exclusive and proprietary resources included in this program, the investment fee is required upfront. Should you be unsatisfied with your coaching, you may have the option to select a different coach to complete your program. There are limited financing options available. Please contact for more information.
You will be prepared to implement the speaking tactics that are discussed in our coaching program. If you would like to continue your program after the 8 weeks are complete, you may purchase additional a la carte sessions with your coach.
Absolutely! Individual coaching plans start at $3,000 a month, and require a 3 month minimum commitment. Email for more information about these services.

Apply By Interview

We have limited space and want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other. During this 30 minute interview We will walk about your goals and brainstorm how we can expedite your success together.


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