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Michael Peluso is a lifetime entrepreneur and Health Practitioner. He is founder of True Living and owner of Joinocity, a marketing and sales technology platform. a marketing and sales technology platform.

Michael is a Leadership Coach and Founder of True Living, a company that equips entrepreneurs and business leaders with the skills and tools to define and live their fullest expression of health, joy, and success. He has served the business community as a keynote speaker and a powerful advocate for mindset and lifestyle habit transformation that results in increased business growth and life satisfaction. His coaching program has revitalized organizations in every industry and touched the lives of executives around the world.
Michael Peluso

“Those who play by the book, will always be beaten by those who write their own.”

Michael Peluso
Some people are just born with it. I wasn’t one of them. To me, sitting in class, staying out of trouble and listening to authority felt like a total buzzkill. Instead I took the long way to class, hung out with my friends and learned how to enjoy the finest experiences you can buy with a penny.

Why am I here?

Since then I have guided top doctors, athletes, executives and entrepreneurs towards a fuller life while increasing their performance. Then I packaged the secret I found into our True Living Philosophy. I promise you this, True Living is the greatest transformational experience on earth.


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