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I’m Michael Peluso,
and I will shift your paradigm.

Lifestyle and Mindset Coaching that helps successful leaders feel happy, healthy and free.

About Michael

Mindset, Lifestyle, Business

Michael Peluso is a lifetime entrepreneur and Health Practitioner. He is the Founder of True Living and CEO of Joinocity, a marketing and sales technology platform. 

Michael’s life work involves the study of simplifying complex principles into easy-to-implement systems for personal and business transformation.  He serves as a keynote speaker and a powerful advocate for mindset and lifestyle habit systems that results in increased business growth and life satisfaction. His coaching program has revitalized organizations in every industry and touched the lives of executives around the world.

“Those who play by the book, will always be beaten by those who write their own.”

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What if I told you that more than 97% percent of your time is spent avoiding the one thing that will actually make a real difference in the quality of your life or business?

And that the 3% that you are avoiding contributes 97% of the dissatisfaction in your life? 

And if you want to really transform your own life and the lives of the people who look to you for leadership. You better know how! 


But there’s something that most executives, doctors, therapists, and coaches,  generally miss.


To predictably know how to identify and change this foundational element of humanity requires a certain type of learning within an environment that is uniquely designed to focus you on what you want to really, really, really want. 

And without this real-world environment, you are just a consumer of someone else formula!

Why? You won’t hear it any other way.

Try to do it any other way it would be like trying to teach you how to sell bananas at an Opera! Just out of place and  

I discovered a new way to create Personalized Engineered Experiences designed to wire distinct neurological patterns to result in a quantum leap of performance.

This system can be applied in every area of life, is easy to follow,  and deals with the true underpinning of performance.

Why am I here?

I packaged the secret I found into our True Living Philosophy 

Since then, I help top doctors, athletes, executives,  teams, and entrepreneurs towards a fuller life and increase job satisfaction. 

I promise you this, True Living, the mindset, is the greatest transformational experience on earth.

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