First Time Author Coaching Program

Writing can change your life! Are you ready to publish your first book?
author coaching program
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Writing can change your life! Are you ready to publish your first book? Get the support you need with an experienced publishing partner who can help guide you to your first publication.

You will then receive a one-hour coaching session regarding your work with recommendations on how best to proceed with your writing.

Eight Sessions
Time Commitment ​
2-3 hours/week
Writing & Publishing
One on One Coaching
Access Industry Knowledge

Tap into decades of industry knowledge to get an honest evaluation of your work.

Get Clear Direction

Receive concrete advice and direction for you and your work.

Program Overview

Expertise Includes

  • Conceptualizing your book
  • Creating a Vision Statement: title, subtitle, description, identifying market, etc.
  • Evaluating your content
  • Identifying the best way to get professionally published
  • Publishing print, ebook, and audiobook
  • Writing a book proposal
  • Knowing what an agent wants (and doesn’t want)
  • Knowing what an editor wants (and doesn’t want)
  • Choosing a collaborator and/or Editor
  • Deciding on whether to: self-publish or pitch to a hybrid or traditional publisher
  • Shaping your book and Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Formatting Your Book
  • Assembling front matter and back matter
  • Understanding Editorial and Production Process
  • Understanding how to self-publish professionally
  • Understanding feed copy, cover copy, and metadata
  • Creating a cover design and interior design
  • Knowing to obtain an ISBN and bar code and file copyright
  • Choosing a Marketing and/or Publicity coach
  • Mapping out your publishing scheduling
  • Understanding costs associated with Editorial, Production, and Printing
  • Recording your audiobook

This Program Includes:

8 Hours

One on One Author Coaching Sessions


Review and Notes of Your In Progress or Complete Manuscript


Video to Help You Prepare for the Program


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Get unprecedented access to an expert writer, author, and literary agent to help you get unstuck with your manuscript and/or book proposal. Throughout the writing process, you will be fully guided and supported with industry best practices, publishing guidance, and more.

What You Will Gain

Real Client Experiences

Gary guided the acquisition, editing and publishing process of my book Influencing Powerful People at McGraw-Hill, New York. The book has since been published in an authorized Chinese translation as well. From an author’s perspective, Gary’s expert knowledge of all aspects of the publishing world (including writing, editing, positioning and marketing) were invaluable and led to successful completion.

- Dirk Schlimm, author of Influencing Powerful People
Gary Krebs

Meet Your Coach

Gary M. Krebs is a writer, literary agent, and longtime business book publisher who has managed large teams. He is coauthor of Greg S. Reid’s The Wealth Hackers . He recently completed his novel, Little Miss of Darke County: The Secret Origins of Annie Oakley.

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Programs have limited space offered only to those who we know we can help and are ready to take action. During this 30 minute interview will ask about you and your goals and brainstorm how we can expedite your success together.

First Time Author Coaching Program


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