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Public Speaking

Communication Mastery

Your success lives in the land of your language. Communicate a new future that engages and inspires others to take action.

Communication Mastery
Designed for: Executives and Entrepreneurs

According to Aristotle, 95% of our day is the result of our habit and 70-80% of your day is spent in communication. If there is one skill to work on that will impact every area of our lives it is our communication skills.

Whether communicating to a room full of people, recording a live video, pitching an investor, or simply connecting with someone we care about, our use of language is what guides our success more than any other attribute in our life. Communication skills are a key component of executive leadership as well as success at all organizational levels. 

8 weeks
Time Commitment ​
2-3 hours/week
Hybrid Group and Personal Coaching Accountability
Uncover Your Purpose

Uncover Your Purpose if you can dream big enough. Discover your own personal purpose before your presentation. Have a clear focus on the topic. Use that knowledge to kick aside those fears and give your presentation with confidence.

Access a Proven Process for Success

Successful communication isn’t just about people agreeing on a point, but should also involve being able to communicate differing opinions. Following the communication process will let you become more productive in every aspect of their profession.

Win Friends and Be Awesome

Arouse in the other person an eager want. Give honest and sincere appreciation. Be a good listener. Please encourage others to talk about themselves. Begin in a friendly way. And above all, Smile.

Program Overview

Phase One

Get Your House In Order

  • Access your subconscious mind, and clear out distractions. Tap into increased executive function.
  • Create maximum clarity, focus, creativity, and master your time management. 
  • Build out your personalized weekly ritual that aligns your physical body with your goals, and message.
Phase Two

Master Elite Communication Strategy

  • Identify key physiological triggers and levers that will align your message with what your audience wants, needs and desires while helping them overcome fears, frustrations and challenges.
  • Identify the Key concepts, skills, and practices to feel confident with your communication, and effective with your audience.
  • Learn “Action Development” where we will Practice, Implement, and utilize the skills as part of a daily routine.
  • This will simplify our learning together, and speed up the growth process.
  • Establish the foundation to successfully create your Signature Presentation

Phase Three

Build Your Signature Presentation
  • Identify the 3 key areas of your personal story that are necessary to build your Signature Presentation.
  • Assess level of confidence in key areas of public speaking, group, online interactions, investor pitches, 1 on 1 interactions, and other areas where we will utilize the signature presentation.
  • Pull it all together. Using a three step outline. Create your Signature Presentation, now, and in each situation a “Signature Presentation” helps us advance our career, our relationships, and ourselves.

Phase Four

Go present confident and feeling like a million $$
  • Test and measure where we feel we are, and where we actually are.
  • Receive personalized coaching on your signature presentation.

This Program Includes:

Video Course

Results Accelerator Self Guided Course


Group Project with Workbook

8 Weeks

8-Weeks of Group Facilitation

90 Minute

One on One Strategy Session

This program is designed to transform your relationship to communication. You will have the opportunity to author, hone and master advanced communication techniques. The same techniques that we have used to raise millions of dollars and persuade a room to change their lives. When you understand how the brain works and process language to navigate decision making. Not only will you KNOW how to change your mind, but you will then have the power to change the minds of others.

What You Will Gain

Meet Your Coaches

Michael Peluso

Michael Peluso

Michael Peluso is a lifetime entrepreneur and Health Practitioner. He is founder of True Living and owner of Joinocity, a marketing and sales technology platform.

Robbie Law

Over the past 20 years, Robbie Law has spent his career focusing on Communication, Sales Training, Sales Messaging, Team Building, Management, Leadership, Coaching and Public Speaking.

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