I’m Nellie Solarz,
and I help you become a vibrant CEO.

As a corporate trainer and company president, Nellie is passionate about improving your quality of life.

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Nellie Stolarz is an innovative and compassionate healthcare professional with over thirty years of experience

Alesha unravels business challenges by presenting complete marketing solutions that work. Her practical and clear approach to marketing has led her clients to millions of dollars in annual revenue growth. Her success is attributed to upholding three guiding principles of every marketing strategy: Creativity, Competitiveness, and Clarity. Alesha is a popular speaker for her talk “Everything is Marketing”.

A healthy dose of ‘unrealistic’ ideas is the difference between a visionary and a lunatic.

Alesha Peluso
As a corporate trainer and company president, she’s delivered workshops, seminars and courses for all levels from C-Suite executives to front- line staff. She is passionate about improving quality of life through development of person-centered programs and is a much sought after trainer throughout the United States.

Her vast experience includes marketing, sales, and brand optimization which, coupled with her background in establishing comprehensive educational programs and operational systems, provide a unique perspective to signature program development. She is dedicated to educating and helping people grow into the best versions of themselves.


Regular exercise can significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia by about 30 per cent. 

1 in 3

One in three adults do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is linked to chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, depression, obesity, and heart disease.


 $173 billion a year is spent on health care for obesity.


Lifestyle changes including healthy food choices, being more physically active, and finding ways to cope with stress can cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 58% (71% for those over 60).

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This entire Team you have assembled has been wonderful. But what means so much to me, especially as a rookie author, is how much they care…. They care about me, they care about the book. I feel like I am in such good hands for a process that is pretty scary and overwhelming. That’s a comforting feeling. In the book, I talk about the three requisites of trust: capability, reliability, and sincerity. Everyone is checking all boxes like crazy. As a result, the trust levels are so high. And that means EVERYTHING.

-Geoff Snavely, author of Disruptive Discovery


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