Turn Your Body into a Wellness Machine!

TrueLivingRx will show you the must-have health and lifestyle support system for your optimal wellness. Get the Weight Off with Skinny Shots, and Keep It Off with TureLivingRx.

Congratulations on taking the first step in weight management.


Now that you are taking a skinny shot, where do you go from here? Your next pivotal step to a better you is joining the TrueLiving Rx Community. HealthWorks is a program that will assist you in your weight loss journey by teaching you how to maintain and keep your body running at its optimal level. TrueLiving Rx is designed to complement skinny shots and recalibrate your daily habits to promote good health and well-being.

3 Months

3 Month Program Duration with the option of month to month following completion.

1-2 H/Week

1-2 hours per week is the only time commitment required.

360* Focus

Incorporating healthy habits to enhance your overall well-being.

Hybrid Format

Enjoy a hybrid of education and one-on-one coaching.

Our Amazing Introductory Program.

Congratulations on taking the first step in weight management. Now that you are taking a skinny shot, where do you go from here?


This program empowers you with the necessary lifestyle habits to achieve optimal wellness. Our evidence-based program is designed with the core practices and strategies that you need to meet those goals. We examine your current lifestyle to replace unproductive habits with healthier ones that serve you at the highest possible level. This is the most successful approach to maintaining optimal health and well-being. We address the essential pillars of wellness: Hydration, Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Breathing, Mindset, and Purpose.

Designed For:

What You Will Gain:

Take AIM:


Gain awareness of daily habits and the role they play in daily choices


Implement habit changes that contribute to well-being.


Maintain the changes you have made in the pivotal areas of well-being.

This Program Includes:


Initial Assessment


Video Education & Education


Nutritional education


Exercises Education


Coaching Sessions 1:1 

Support Community

Resources – Facebook community, social media

Blog & Articles

Blogs, articles, and FAQs 

Set Up a Discovery Call


Wellness coaching is a service that helps individuals improve their overall well-being. It involves working with a coach who provides guidance, support, and accountability as you make changes in various aspects of your life.
Benefits of a wellness coaching program include understanding unproductive habits and replacing them with healthy habits, greater clarity in your goals, improved health and wellness through better choices. It also helps in developing coping strategies during challenging and stressful times which sometimes leads to making unhealthy choices,
The pillars of wellness that are covered include: Hydration, Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Breathing, Mindset and Purpose. The coach helps you identify goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and help in overcoming obstacles along the way.

The duration of a coaching program varies based on the specific program and your personal goals. Short-term programs might last a few weeks and focus on specific issues, while long-term programs could extend over several months. It depends on your goals and needs.

The cost of the coaching program is $750/month.
Our qualified coaches have extensive experience in the pillars of wellness, based on their professional experience or certifications/training. Some coaches have backgrounds in psychology, counseling, or related fields.
Our program offers email correspondence, access to online resources and materials, and participation in community forums or groups for ongoing support and motivation.
The TrueLivingRx program is customized to meet your needs. We conduct an initial assessment to understand your unique needs and tailor the program accordingly. This ensures that the coaching you receive is relevant and effective for your personal goals and circumstances.
After the initial assessment, in order to ensure commitment to the program, there are no refunds. If unforeseen circumstances occur, you may postpone your participation and pick up where you left off as the situation permits. The reason for the no refund policy is to ensure your commitment and 100% participation in the program as it is agreed upon between you and your coach based on the initial assessment.
Progress is usually measured using a variety of tools and methods, such as regular assessments, feedback sessions, and tracking tools. Coaches often set benchmarks and goals at the outset and periodically review your progress against these objectives.

We can arrange for follow-up session, or ongoing access to resources. You also have the option to continue the program after the initial 3 months.

Payment is accepted via credit card through our online portal. You can choose to pay monthly or pay for the 3 month program in its entirety.