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Wil Cashen

Wil Cashen ###span### President of Tesla Foundation ###/span###

 Wil Cashen has been in the OEM automotive industry for over 25 years, building successful automotive vehicle production company and OEM engineering, manufacturing and technical services company. He has broad experience and success with automotive technology domestically and internationally creating parts businesses, new vehicle production facilities, intercooler and charge air heat exchangers production systems and products and assembly production software and control systems.  Wil built and engineered first Porsche 550 Spyder. He’s the creator of Automotive Legends opens its Malibu, California retail dealership location as an automotive “lifestyle” retail facility and begins sales of high end sports cars. Wil efforts with EMC put together  efforts to complete a 1st generation design for its advanced electric drive system that could be used in a mid-size or full size passenger car and light duty pickup truck as a viable direct replacement for current V8 gasoline engine drive-train. He is also the designer of  the new Jeep heavy duty camper unit and launch online camper sales world wide through Jeep  dealers.

Wil is the also Founder, Chairman & Senior Director of the Tesla Foundation.   His breadth of experience made it possible for Wil and his wife Carol Bourgeois to create this century’s most important nonprofit.  Wil and Carol set out in 2011 to create the world’s only nonprofit that would focus on the development of education curriculums and systems to be used to curve the tremendous loss of jobs as a result of mass global automation in the next 50 years.

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