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Trey Rembrent

Trey Rembert ###span### Transformational Coach ###/span###

I am a transformational coach who is passionate about motivating you to follow your dreams. Life has thrown curve balls my way, but I found the inner strength to embrace all life lessons with love. My dream is to inspire others to connect with the highest vibration, which is love.  Wisdom is gained when we look for the lessons in our experiences. Life has taught me that sharing my experience is my purpose here. I know how it feels to have people doubt you, tell me you your dream is unrealistic, tell you to give up, but keep believing in yourself. My goal is to help you uncover the hidden gems inside of you. Love is the key that opens every door. When you are in alignment with love at the core, you will create the life of your dreams. I will awaken the Star within you. Welcome to the Golden Empire Where Dreams Become Reality!


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