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Thuy Porter

Thuy Porter ###span### Intuitive Life & Manifesting Coach ###/span###

A Firecracker Mindset Coach & Master Manifestor who Inspires Her Clients To Move Forward Fast in Achieving Short and Long-Term Outcomes in Life and Business.
Thuy Porter is an Intuitive Life & Manifesting Coach who partners with her clients to help them take results-oriented action to help  create a life and business they love.
Her business acumen comes from advancing her own career overseeing the financial aspects for multi-million and multi-trillion dollar companies.
Thuy takes a deeply thoughtful approach to showing clients how to achieve business success. Her coaching largely focuses on tried-and-true strategy focusing on mindset, accounting, marketing/sales strategy and operations.
Thuy holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management Information Systems and a MBA in Accounting. She’s also True Living faciliator and certified Energy Coach.
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