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Saira Maitreyi

Saira Maitreyi ###span### International Life Coach ###/span###

Born in Pakistan, I spend the first 10 years of my life in numerous countries such as UAE, Lebanon, England and Nigeria. Following this came 5 years in a boarding school in England for “O” levels and 2 years in Madrid to complete “A” levels before graduating with a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College in London. Life continued to bring adventure as I started my career in banking as a Trader in Pakistan, Chicago and Singapore.

I later settled in Konstanz, Germany to raise 3 beautiful souls with conscious parenting. Additionally I taught yoga after a training in Sivananda Yoga (India) and Bikram Yoga (Las Vegas). In 2017 my outside world started to collapse and I took the choice to take the path of consciousness and spirituality to take responsibility about what happened. In 2019 I started an even deeper spiritual healing path including trauma work.

I have been a Yoga, Meditation and Breath-work teacher and Intuitive Life Coach for 10 years, running my own MedYin yoga studios and workshops / retreats. I have been blessed to assist many wonderful people in finding tools and methods to improve their well-being, emotional freedom, level of self-love, and health. As a mother of 3 wonderful children I have the privilege to have gained authentic experience on conscious parenting, relationships, family dynamics and underlying belief systems.


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