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Ralf S. Rho

Ralf S. Rho ###span### Haitian Politician and Author of The Weight of My Dream ###/span###

Ralf S. Rho is an unwavering optimist, public servant, and former advisor to President Jovenel Moise’s administration, sharing his vision for a better Haiti. He began his career in public service in the City of Fall River and also served on the development boards of many charitable organizations throughout the City of New Bedford. Upon his return to Haiti in 2015, the call of duty placed him at the intersection of power, purpose, and politics. He has since dedicated his life to fulfilling his vision of a prosperous country amongst other developed nations through his thought leadership. His book, The Weight of My Dream, outlines a straightforward approach to rebuilding Haiti calling for a stronger government, a vibrant economy, and a more equitable society befitting of a working democracy.

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