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Jarem Frye

Jarem Frye ###span### Entrepreneur and Marketing Guru ###/span###

Jarem was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer at age 14 when he was suddenly thrust into chemotherapy and forced to choose from three difficult options to even hope for a 50% chance at saving his life. He chose the amputation of his left leg, believing that with his background in Legos at the time, at least this option would afford him some control over his future abilities, as he determined that if no one else was building prosthetics that would allow him to do what he wanted to do, he would simply build his own. The resulting innovations Jarem created have made over a dozen impossible activities readily accessible to amputees and played a major role in getting snowboarding added to the Paralympics in 2014, in Sochi, Russia. Jarem is credited as the world’s first amputee telemark-skier, first eXtremity Games World Champion in Rock Climbing, member of the first all amputee team to climb El Capitan, and more. He’s the father of 5 miracle children he was never supposed to have after chemotherapy and a firm believer that we all can and should change the world for the better.

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