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Eylsia Hartzell

Eylsia Hartzell ###span### Healer ###/span###

Elysia Hartzell is a respected and much-loved healer, teacher and mentor whose work is rooted in powerful, multi-dimensional energies. She has guided thousands of lightworkers, healers, seekers, creatives – essentially those who are called to the light — to walk the sacred path of their highest purpose as they rise up to embrace their innate healing gifts and skills.

Elysia is the creator and founder of Sacred Soul Alignment™– a powerful modality that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Sacred Soul Alignment™ amplifies manifestation and co-creation skills at the highest level and it opens the door to deep healing and divine soul alignment for all those who experience it.

So far, Elysia has certified over 400 people in the art of healing themselves and others with Sacred Soul Alignments and the number of practitioners who are drawn to study with her continues to grow, exponentially, year after year.

Elysia’s soul-centered work includes teaching, mentoring and healing people around the world so they can release conscious and unconscious traumas, dense, difficult emotions, untruths, false limiting beliefs and programming; negative mental patterns and pain and disease in the body. She shows them how to fully reclaim their sovereign divinity so they are free to create a life of love, joy, abundance and to call in anything and everything they desire.

Elysia’s sacred purpose is to help lift humanity out of pain and struggle and into the infinitely healing and transformational vibration of unconditional love.

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