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Chad and Holly Ockstadt

Chad and Holly Ockstadt ###span### Transformation Coaches ###/span###

Chad and Holly Ockstadt are a synergistic and powerful duo of marketing and inner work combined that creates the space for Transformation Coaches to expand and scale their coaching business.

Chad is a master in client acquisition, sales, positioning and negotiations while Holly is a mastery in program development systems, automation, and working in alignment.  They’ve consulted with multiple 6, 7 & 8 figure online entrepreneurs and coaches over the last 7 years

Together they bring over 15 years of sales & marketing experience to the table to give you the roadmaps and how to’s to make sure you’re going out and getting your clients and be fully aligned at a soul level, work thru any blocks you may have and create your coaching program so that it’s effective and in your purpose.

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