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Anthony Rosa

Anthony Rosa ###span### Financial Literacy Coach ###/span###

Over the course of the last decade, Anthony’s area of focus has been one on one personal / professional financial development. As a Hudson County NJ native, he has devoted his life to sharing his story on how he transitioned from the oppression of urban restrictions rising up to the challenge to now be hands-on in the same community he grew up in.

At a young age, Anthony knew he wanted to help the community. Growing up in a single parent home, Anthony spent his time playing sports. Sports saved his life! Teaching him discipline, hard work, & the importance of being a team player. Values and
beliefs he still practices today. Sports actually gave him the opportunity to continue his education at Saint Peter’s University.  With his passion and dedication to Inspire, Connect, & Educate, Anthony finds himself creating local business networks in an attempt to bridge the gap between business and the people that live in them. Anthony enjoys spending time with his three children, climbing mountain trails, trying new restaurants and being outdoors as much as he can meeting new people. Anthony spends most of his days working as a finance coach teaching financial literacy. His desire in 2021 is to begin to teach internationally. This past March he began teaching in Ghana. His go to quote is by the philosopher Confucius, “If the goal can not be reached, do not adjust the goal, adjust the action steps.”

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