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Aliena Strobel

Aliena Strobel ###span### Videographer ###/span###

My biggest passion in life has always and will always be my desire to assist people in my age group with finding their own connection with themselves, have trust and confidence in their life, and become who they want to be in the world.
I found my way of expressing these desires at the age of 13 when I became extremely interested in Videography and decided to create a Youtube channel to use as a platform for this.
Of course, since then a lot has evolved, but I have still continued to use my Youtube channel and especially my love for videography as a platform to follow these desires of mine.
Over time I also realized that I don’t only want to share my thoughts and ideas but also the stories of others, especially those who don’t have the opportunity to do so themselves.
Because of that I also create Interviews with people who are making a change in the world in their own way or have a story that I feel should be heard by the world.
I am also so excited about my upcoming Video Series and Talkshow called “Leaving Home”, in which I interviewed 5 refugees from all over the world, as I feel this topic is so important to talk about more, and I want to be a part of changing the many prejudices people seem to have towards refugees and their intentions in finding a new place they can call home.

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