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Karin Freeland


Karin Freeland is a recovering corporate junkie. After years in high-pressure leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, she’s traded the boardroom for the bedroom. In her hilarious tell-all memoir coming out late 2021, she recounts the mishaps and misadventures she’s had over the past 40 years with a special partner in crime: her vagina, named V. Women of all ages can relate to this raw and honest journey of firsts, long-term relationships, and finding pleasure.

Karin is also a speaker and certified Life Coach, focused on helping women achieve their dreams. Through her signature EDIT Your Life™ methodology, she offers one-on-one coaching, giving women all the tools and techniques needed to conquer fears and find their purpose. Since Karin is no stranger to the challenges of balancing work and life and wanted to be able to help more women, she co-founded G.A.L. Talk, which offers group coaching for Moms.

Karin Freeland is married with two kids and resides in New Jersey with their puggle, Peanut.