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Jeff Moore


My name is Jeff Moore and I grew up in Columbia, S.C. where I spent the majority of my time playing baseball.  After playing baseball in college, I landed a career in the Insurance & Financial Services Industry.  For over 19 years I achieved numerous company, as well as industry awards, for my accomplishments in this industry.  After a life-changing event introduced me to the world of Technical Analysis, Options and Stock Market trading in 2009 I decided to go all-in. Fast forward 11 years later, I am now the author of the book, Trading Part-Time, CEO of the Options Elite University, and currently teach over 1000 entrepreneurs daily on how to trade the financial markets for a living. In addition to that, in the year 2016, while I was doing a private training for one of my students, I was introduced to a book called, DotCom Secrets, by Russell Brunson.  This book changed my life! It teaches entrepreneurs, both online and offline, how to grow their business through the use of sales funnels. Once again, I decided to go all in! Fast forward now to 2020, I have built over 500 Sales Funnels and currently work with entrepreneurs and sales professionals across the United States on how they can use sales funnels to grow and scale their business.