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Business Coaching

Who are the True Living Consultants? Our consultants are active experts in their field who dedicate a portion of their time to coaching in specific growth goals such as sales, marketing, publishing, thought leadership, and more.

Our hand-selected consultants offer business coaching through specialized programs that are designed to target specific needs in a 8 or 12 week coaching engagement. These programs are parts coaching, consulting, and informing.

Our Consultants

Gary Krebs

Gary Krebs

Writer, Editor, Literary Agent and More
Gary can help you achieve credibility and become a thought leader in your field.

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Stephan Schiffman

Stephan Schiffman

Sales Coach and Trainer
Whether it’s selling through a pandemic or building an All Star sales team, sessions with Stephen will help you reach your sales goals like never before.

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Alesha Peluso

Alesha Peluso

Ad Agency CEO and Marketing Strategist
Whether it’s launching a new venture or turning up the heat on a legacy brand, Alesha’s guidance has helped businesses grow by millions in revenue through marketing.

Current Programs:

  • For Authors: Marketing, Branding and Launching Your Book
  • For Entrepreneurs: Design a Marketing Plan like an Expert Strategist

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Robbie Law

Robbie Law

Public Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
As a master of speaking and a master pitchman, Robbie will teach you the principles of persuasion and influence so you can effectively communicate your message.

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