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True Living / On Camera Secrets of Subconscious Storytelling Masterclass

On Camera Secrets of Subconscious Storytelling Masterclass

$125.00 $99.00

Award Winning Hollywood Director Len Davies and World Renowned Hypnosis Doug O’Brien reveal the secrets of exactly what makes a story stick in the minds of the listener forever and precisely how to make those same elements come to life on screen. Both technological and performance aspects will be covered in this in-depth program.

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During this 3 hour program, Hollywood Director Len Davies and Hypnotist Doug O’Brien dig deep into the technical and creative aspects of excellent storytelling.
What You Will Learn:

  1. The Power of Telling Your Own Story
  2. How to Find Your “Unique Selling Proposition”
  3. How to Determine Your Story Telling Style
  4. How to Translate Your Story into a Visual Medium
  5. Performing Through Authentic Facial & Body Expressions
  6. Our Secret Formula For Writing the Story
  7. Sensory Rich Language to Keep Viewers Engaged
  8. How to Effectively Get Your Point Across
  9. Crafting Your Story in an Arc
  10. The Perfect Performance for the Scene
  11. Mindset Techniques For an Authentic Performance
  12. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques


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Len Davies, Doug O'Brien

Class Duration

3 Hours


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