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Leadership Coaching

Learn how to impress, persuade, and make an impact as a leader.
Leadership Coaching

Running a business can be an extraordinary effort. Everything you have said to yourself and agreed with becomes a belief. This belief, simplified, is just decision yet they run our life and determine the end result of everything we do. So how do you change your own beliefs, and the beliefs of others?

One of the most valuable skills of a leader is the ability to impact, inspire, and empower those around you. In this leadership coaching program, you will learn how to master your beliefs so you can clarify your goals, utilize language to create impact, structure your thinking and reach your peak energy state. You will learn our unique performance process (T.E.A.M ) to effectively reach your professional results and measure what matters to accelerate your career.

10 sessions
Time Commitment ​
1 hours/week
1 on 1 Coaching
Superior Communication

Leaders and Business managers who want to build their influence and lead with impact need to practice communicating in a strong, well-trained voice. Overcome objections and empower your team.

Transformational Mindset

Leadership mindset sets the overall tone for organizational culture and performance, including how change efforts are run — Dean Anderson. The ability to maintain a positive mentality regardless of the outcome or task you’re focused on. 

Thought Mastery

Leverage your subconscious mind for unprecedented levels of creativity, energy, impact, connection, prosperity, and power. Give yourself the advantage with hands-on training from industry experts.

Lifestyle Mastery

Lifestyle Mastery for Leaders Group Program is for leaders who desire a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle that will minimize stress and maximize their authentic leadership and relationships both at work and at home.

Program Overview

Stage One


Analysis of your current situation, your desired situation and what areas of your development would make the most impact if improved. Goals are clearly defined at this time

Stage Two

Million Dollar Mindset Shift

After our assessment, we hone into the primary paradigm shift needed to reach your goals. This program includes focused change strategies, proven change methodologies, and essential change leadership mindsets.

Stage Three

Time Analysis & Structure

Get a thorough review and work with your coach to structure your time to reach business success and personal success.

Stage Four

Peak Performance

Optimize your Seven Essential Lifestyle Habits to produce your peak performance. Our core objective is to improve your business goals and outcomes through transformative, agile leadership.

Stage Five


Learn to persuade through communication, overcome limiting beliefs, learn to scale, and create successful relationships that lead to fulfillment. Ensure that you are properly connected to reach your goals.

Stage Six


Measure what matters and maximize your resources. Learn how to master the creation of tasks and develop standard operational procedures that inspire improved team performance. Master delegation and resource management.

Stage Seven

Massive Action

Communicate, connect, experience, and live your performance plan to see success and reach your goals. It is all about how you can use this impactful Leadership coaching program and start taking massive actions in your own life.

This Program Includes:

10 Hours

Coaching Sessions


to Help You Prepare for the Program


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This leadership development program has revolutionized the way that leaders relate to the people around them. Not only will you increase your impact on those around you today, but you will leave a legacy of action and empowerment that lives on for generations to come.

What You Will Gain

Real Client Experiences

Michael Peluso

Meet Your Coach

Michael Peluso is a lifetime entrepreneur and Health Practitioner. He is founder of True Living and owner of Joinocity, a marketing and sales technology platform.
Most frequent questions and answers
This program focuses on the ability for you to persuade and change the ideas of yourself and others by honing your leadership skills specifically for running an effective business, working with a team, scaling your practice, etc. For relationships, health, and personal development goals, view our Life Coaching program (link to life coaching program).

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