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TV and Network Series Development

How To Turn Your TV Dreams Into A Reality

Learn the ins and outs of creating and developing a TV Series that sells.

Designed for:  Authors, Experts, Influencers and Leaders
The Turn Your TV Dreams Into A Reality is the opportunity to elevate your brand, platform and message to the TV stage. This is a comprehensive program that included every step necessary to build all the marketing materials necessary to pitch you and your television series and elevate your story as a sellable entertainment product.
Learn the step-by-step process that Kerri used to produce Emmy Award-winning content. Identify the highly sellable elements of you, your brand the messaging. Repurpose and repackage it as a tv friendly product and learn how to create all the necessary marketing materials to present to every major network and streaming buyer in the world.
12 weeks
Time Commitment ​
2-3 (hours per week)
TV and Network Series Development
1 on 1 Coaching
Define Your Brand

Learn how to identify and magnify your key messaging. platform and brand elements.

Create an Audience
Develop a compelling TV series around you.
Clarify Your Message

Step-by-step strategy to create and develop a highly sellable TV series concept.

Grow Your Presence

Insider secrets to navigating TV relationships and networks pitches

Program Overview with Phases

Phase One:

From Idea to Reality

Conceptualizing and formatting your TV Series. During this phase, you will begin to identify and visualize the shape of your TV Show. What is the title? Who will watch it? How will it impact the viewer? What viewers will expect in every episode

Phase Two:

Elements Of The TV Show Pitch

This is where you will finalize all of the written marketing materials together. You will have a completed deck and one sheet.

Phase Three:

Defining the elements of the sizzle reel

Defining the execution of your sizzle reel. Highlighting the key players in your series and exemplifying how the TV series will play every episode. Breakdown of the sizzle reel shoot schedule, scenes, and interviews to be shot. Sizzle script is written.

Phase Four:

Filming the sizzle reel

This is where you will be coached through the scheduling, pre-producing, and directing the sizzle reel.

Phase Five:

Finalizing all the elements and putting your package together

Once all of the filmed material is completed you’ll be coached through writing your edit plan and working with your editor to complete your sizzle reel.

This Program Includes:

Sample Sizzle Reels

Contract Templates

Consultants Result in Accelerator

Sample Pitch Decks

 Location Release templates

Sample One Sheets

Talent Release templates

Marketing Templates

Consultants Result in Accelerator

In this program, You’ll gain a proven process Award-winning winning Hollywood producer Kerri Zane uses to identify the ideas that turn into something entertaining that networks want to buy. Behind the scenes look at creating a sizzle real and how to pitch it to the producers.

What You Will Gain

Real Client Experiences

Meet Your Coach

Kerri has served as the keynote speaker for organizations such as Coldwell Banker, Schwab financial advisors, and a presenter at the Texas Conference for Women and Southern California Women’s Health Conference to name a few.

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