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App Development

CTO In The Know

Stop Struggling with Your Business Finances! Create a Plan to Stabilize Your Spending and Maximize Your Profits.
Designed for:  CTO’s, Executive Management, Investors, Business owners and executive teams who want to develop an app or need guidance on the current tech development process.

Building an app is similar to building a custom home.  We can’t take our pinterest board to the contractor and say build this!  There is a process that we must follow to produce successful products.

3 months
Time Commitment ​
3-4 (hours per week)
Company Technology Development Structure, systems, management, efficiency, and profitability
Coaching and Training
Gain Clarity

Gain clarity in your finances and understand how every dollar is performing

Create Structure

Create a structure that will support company growth and efficiency.

Financial Strategy

Implement the 7 levels of financial strategy to bulletproof your business.

Maximize Efficiency

Learn how to maximize your efficiency throughout the lifetime of your business.

Program Overview

Phase One

1 Week

Understanding how your target audience will interact with your tech.

Phase Two

1-2 Weeks

Organizing your thoughts, features, and priorities into bucks that can be turned into a development roadmap.

Phase Three

2-4 Weeks

Creating a tech spec that clearly communicates each feature to the whole development team, investors and anyone else on the project.

Phase Four

3-6 Weeks

Now you have the blueprints for your tech project. It’s time to create a structure for integrating and managing designers throughout the development process.

Phase Five

Onward and upward!
The project is finally ready for development! Onward and upward!

This Program Includes:


Templates for Product Ownership


Basecamp Account
In this program, you are going to learn to create and maintain a strong financial structure which will provide  efficiency in your operations, control of your company’s profitability and a remove uncertainty of future performance. You will have the skills required to evaluate your financials, make rapid informed financial decisions , make hiring and firing decisions have supporting financial data, etc.

What You Will Gain

Real Client Experiences

Alesha Peluso

Meet Your Coach

Alesha Peluso is the CEO of Three Summers Creative and an avid marketer.
Alesha unravels business challenges by presenting complete marketing solutions that work. Her practical and clear approach to marketing has lead her clients to millions of dollars in annual revenue growth. Her success is attributed to upholding three guiding principals of every marketing strategy: Creativity, Competitiveness, and Clarity. 

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