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The Coach & Consultant’s Symposium

August 17, 2021

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Virtual Meeting

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The Coach & Consultant’s Symposium

During this 90 minute interactive mastermind you have access to an exclusive community of coaching and consulting experts who will share their best kept industry secrets. During our next meeting, our panel will be answering common coaching and consulting questions.

  1. How can coaches and consultants navigate the ever-changing search and advertising algorithms?
  2. Why is content consistency key to promoting my brand and generating sales organic and paid?
  3. How do I get speaking engagements?
  4. What are easy to use tech platforms that allow for the best customer relationship building? 

Who should participate in this mastermind?

  1. Coaches
  2. Consultants 
  3. Service Providers

What is the cost of the mastermind group?

This is a free mastermind until December 31, 2021. After January 1, 2022, group participation will require an annual membership fee.


Meet our Speakers

Seasoned Coaching and consulting Experts

Robbie Law
Robbie Law

As a public speaking coach with over 7,000 presentations under his belt, Robbie provides valuable insights on how to scale your speaker platform.

Meet Robbie
Michael Peluso
Michael Peluso

Founder of True Living, Michael Peluso focuses on structures for freedom and moderates the Mastermind discussion.

Meet Mike
Stephan Schiffman
Stephan Schiffman

As a best selling author and sales coach, Stephan can provide hands-on strategies to sell anything to anyone.

Meet Stephan
Alesha Peluso
Alesha Peluso

Alesha is CEO and Founder of an Ad Agency and brings her intimate knowledge of the marketing and advertising world to the group.

Meet Alesha
Gary Krebs
Gary Krebs

Gary is a best selling author, writer, and literary agent who has decades of experience helping authors navigate the publishing world.

Meet Gary
Rick Frishman
Rick Frishman

As a Publishing, Publicist, and best selling author, Rick wrote the book on Guerrilla Marketing for Authors and shares his wealth of PR knowledge.

Meet Rick

“Dream big and make your stand in life. Your words are your legacy.”

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We look forward to having you.
We look forward to having you.