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I’m Stephan Schiffman,
and I've been a leader in sales training since 1979.

As a Certified Management Consultant with decades of experience, Steve has trained over 500,000 employees in over 9,000 businesses around the world. 

About Stephan


Motivational sales training inspires salespeople to motivate themselves – at least that’s what motivation sales training courses and seminars should do. However, most sales management and motivational training programs teach only theory. I, on the other hand, teach practicality in my motivational coaching programs, business/leadership training seminars, and sales management webinars. If you and your sales team need effective cold calling scripts and strategies, as well as foolproof sales closing techniques, I would love to help you and your team today.

You should be closing 85-90% of your sales pipeline, or your system is broken.

Stephan Schiffman

Salespeople can develop and increase your leadership skills through motivation sales training seminars, not only to motivate prospects to buy, but also to motivate themselves to try harder in the future. My sales motivational training techniques and topics teach just that! Sales motivational training courses, business and leadership coaching programs, and motivational coaching seminars, webinars and webcasts inspire people to encourage and motivate themselves as well as each other to improve their proficiency with telesales and upselling. I have helped more than 500,000 people so far, and I can help you too!



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Recommending Stephan Schiffman to sales leaders is the equivalent to recommending oxygen to scuba divers. I wouldn’t recommend doing sales without learning from Stephan, as much as I wouldn’t recommend scuba diving without oxygen. I have read several books on sales and have interviewed several leaders on my podcast but no can hold a candle to Stephan Schiffman. You can only gain from your interactions with Stephan. I cannot give a higher recommendation!

- Armin Assadi, Vice President of Engage Your Destiny | Co-Founder of Position Intel and InnovaCor | Co-Host of Boldidea Podcast


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When you improve your own wellbeing, there is an effect on other areas of your life. If you are looking specifically for leadership coaching that will improve skills like team building, impact communication, etc., please view our Leadership Coaching (link to leadership coaching) program.

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