I’m Ladd Laulusa,
and I streamline custom web & mobile applications.

As an Entrepreneur and Marketer, Alesha demystifies marketing to amplify brands.

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Alesha Peluso is the CEO of Three Summers Creative, and an avid marketer.

Over the past Decade Ladd Laulusa has spent his career focusing on streamlining processes through technology more specifically building custom web and mobile applications.  He has assisted leaders and founders in an array of industries ranging from sports, construction, accounting, music and entertainment, healthcare, oil and gas, education, and many more; creating better systems to generate millions of dollars in annual revenue growth.

“Every piece of technology is designed around efficiency, so should your CTO

Ladd Laulusa

Alesha earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from the College of New Jersey. Since 16 years old, she has been a serial entrepreneur and professional dabbler

At 18, she was a music manager representing singers to major record labels such as Island Records in NYC. Her passion for promoting is what kickstarted her pursuit of marketing.

She founded her business Three Summers Creative, while attending college and now leads a team of creative and marketing professionals.


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This entire Team you have assembled has been wonderful. But what means so much to me, especially as a rookie author, is how much they care…. They care about me, they care about the book. I feel like I am in such good hands for a process that is pretty scary and overwhelming. That’s a comforting feeling. In the book, I talk about the three requisites of trust: capability, reliability, and sincerity. Everyone is checking all boxes like crazy. As a result, the trust levels are so high. And that means EVERYTHING.

-Geoff Snavely, author of Disruptive Discovery


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