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I’m James Gaumond, Esq.,
and I help revitalize your business.

As a motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur, I will help you grow and scale. 

About James

Investment        Growth

Gary MacDermid is the CEO of Pro Community Group.

Thirty years of achieving significant results for organizations, clients, and stakeholders. Consistently exceed expectations. Entrepreneurial success negotiating and securing hundreds of million dollars in federal, state, and local public funds, private equity, and loans for affordable housing and real estate development, obtaining several million dollars in fees for clients. Strategic thinker and innovative implementer, called upon by for-profit and nonprofit leadership, executive staff, and professional athletes for developing and implementing organizational strategic plans resulting in streamlined, efficient operational approaches, consistently reducing company costs while increasing annual profits.

A healthy dose of ‘unrealistic’ ideas is the difference between a visionary and a lunatic.

Alesha Peluso

Gary started his career by enlisting in the Navy right after graduating high school. During one of his initial Navy training classes, a Master Chief guest speaker explained the wealth generation strategy of purchasing a house at each duty station.

It was this advice which led Gary to understand the true value of passive income after steadily purchasing multiple properties throughout the United States and Internationally.
Gary continued his career by receiving a scholarship where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and was commissioned as a Naval Officer.

After leaving the Navy, Gary continued as a licensed professional engineer leading design and analysis projects for several nuclear power plants before deciding to expand the passive income strategy that was previously a hobby.

This became the turning point where Gary made the transition from Electrical Engineer to Cash Flow Engineer by founding USA Private Equities. In addition to building and managing real estate portfolios, Gary is also investing in select companies to grow, scale and exit. Two current examples are Thin Energy, a plant based caffeine free beverage company, and Premier Sales Force, a lead generation company.

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This entire Team you have assembled has been wonderful. But what means so much to me, especially as a rookie author, is how much they care…. They care about me, they care about the book. I feel like I am in such good hands for a process that is pretty scary and overwhelming. That’s a comforting feeling. In the book, I talk about the three requisites of trust: capability, reliability, and sincerity. Everyone is checking all boxes like crazy. As a result, the trust levels are so high. And that means EVERYTHING.

-Geoff Snavely, author of Disruptive Discovery


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