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Coaching for Leaders

Michael Peluso

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It’s an honor to work with extraordinary people while they author their life and business. To me, nothing could be more fulfilling. The adventure of doing the thing I love, for the people I love to serve couldn’t be more fulfilling.

Permission to design a lifestyle around a personal definition of health, joy and success is a gift you give yourself that benefits others. Everything else is empty.

Entrepreneurial Poverty
Suffering Mindset
Lifestyle Disease

True Living gives you the tools to define and live your fullest expression of health, joy and success.

What is the difference between a facilitator and a coach? You may be familiar with the traditional role that coaches fulfill. A coach is “an instructor or trainer”. Sometimes, coaches will give you a roadmap and point you in the right direction. Other times, they are a guiding voice to nudge you along your path.

At True Living, we believe in a more hands on approach to coaching, a term we have minted as facilitation. To facilitate is by definition “to make an action process easy or easier”.  We understand how difficult being an entrepreneur can be and so we not only coach you through tough decisions, we also facilitate those decision by giving you the tangible tools and support you need to realize your goals.

Our facilitators are high performing individuals who have made a healthy lifestyle, authentic living and personal development a career. They are committed to supporting others through the sharing of their unique gifts and personal transformations. True Living Facilitators are people who have gone through the process themselves and choice to make furthering the methodology their life’s work.

Our Facilitators

Michael Peluso, True Living

Michael Peluso

Business & Lifestyle

“The life you want will be fueled by the business you build today.”


Dr. Nancy Erb

Emotional Well-Being

“From good to great, your best self awaits.”

Tony Dody

Tony Dody

Sales & Relationships

“Life’s a mirror… you get what you project.”

Len Davies

Content & Film

“Be true to your vision and your dreams then let the universe do its thing.”

Our Consultants

Who are the True Living Consultants? Our consultants are active experts in their field who dedicate a portion of their time to supporting True Living’s One on One Coaching participants in specific growth goals such as sales, marketing, thought leadership, and more.

Gary Krebs

Gary Krebs

Writer, Editor, Literary Agent and More
Gary can help you achieve credibility and become a thought leader in your field.

Learn More About Gary

Stephan Schiffman

Stephan Schiffman

Sales Coach and Trainer
Whether it’s selling through a pandemic or building an All Star sales team, sessions with Stephen will help you reach your sales goals like never before.

Learn More about Stephen

Alesha Peluso

Alesha Peluso

Agency Owner and Marketing Consultant
Whether it’s launching a new venture or turning up the heat on a legacy brand, Alesha’s guidance has helped businesses grow by millions in revenue through marketing.

Learn More About Alesha

Robbie Law

Robbie Law

Public Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
As a master of speaking and a master pitchman, Robbie will teach you the principles of persuasion and influence so you can effectively communicate your message.

Learn more about Robbie

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